2011 Recap

By Natasha on Feb 21, 2012


2011 Recap


What an incredible 2011!  Thank you to all of my clients, friends and family for making it a remarkable one.  We all have felt the crunch of the market these past few years and while every year we hope it will look up from the last, I'm happy to say that 2011 panned out even better than I had anticipated!  


Perhaps it may have a little something to do with my husband and I getting married this Fall, or maybe it has everything to do with the different outlook on life that this year has given me thanks to all of the events that played out throughout the year!  


In the beginning, Cordelia and I were working harder to make our systems grander to better service our clients and maintain contact.  We also developed some cool new tools that we can use to illustrate Financing Options based on our clients' individual needs.  This was quite a break through for us!  


The Spring/Summer was still all work with some camping :), with some changes allowing us to merge with another team, VERICO Canada Mortgage Direct.  This alliance allowed for continuing education which included superior mentoring privileges in our industry through 180 Degrees Coaching and to access better rates and products for our clients.  Of course, with change comes adjustments!  


By the Fall, I had the full support of my friends, family and team behind my marriage to my long-time best friend, Owen Shaw.  Luckily, the weather we had specially ordered for our Celtic Themed Wedding was punctual allowing for a very cool day at -8-degrees on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 (Friday being +25-degrees and Sunday up again at +12-degrees), but we made the most of our outdoor wedding at Quarry Lake Park in Canmore with an amazing upbeat party to follow at the Iron Goat Grill & Pub.  We filled the place with lots of love, laughter and joy - we truly feel blessed!  


For Christmas this year, with our families all living further apart, we made our visits to my sister in Lethbridge, Owen's sister, her boyfriend and brother in Revelstoke, my brother Trevor and his family in Edmonton, Owen's parents in Canmore, Owen's sister in Calgary who was able to get us to the Airport to see my parents in Panama!  All this while completing files and maintaining a presense to my clients.  Thankfully, I have an amazing team at VERICO Canada Mortgage Direct that is there for me and my clients while I need to be away tending to my family and our dreams!


Speaking of dreams!  It's hard to put in a few words what a phenomenial time we had ringing in the New Year 2012 on our Sailing Honeymoon Adventure in the Caribbean!  Again, this could not have been possible if it weren't for the support of our friends and family at our wedding!  I hope to someday soon share some of our adventure with anyone who is interested (I kept a journal, lol)... and hope this trip will be the first of many Sailing Adventures to come.  I have found a true passion in capturing our travelling moments through photography and journaling for my personal excitement and hope that someday in the not too-distant future my little one's will enjoy our stories too!  


For 2012, I would love to inspire people to Learn, Grow, Share and Dream together.  It's amazing how over the years social networking has brought so many people together and while many people have various opinons (+/--) on the time-consuming social network...


But here it is - my Resolution for 2012: I am looking forward to Learning about people's life experience that will help me Grow to be a better person to all the important people in my life while I Share my experiences with others and Dream with the people I love AND I hope to inspire the people around me to do the same!


Here's to a bright and better 2012 together!  


Sincerely, Natasha Shaw

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