Introducing your new portfolio pie!

By Natasha on Oct 12, 2012

Are you considering which investment(s) will have a positive impact for your financial future?  

We all work very hard... practically slave away all day at work to pay down our debts while stashing away what we can for our family's future and our retirement.  Some play it conservative considering GIC's, mutual funds, savings bonds, etc. whereas some may be considered high rollers where they engage in stocks and private equities.  

All in all, every one has their opinion on the best investment strategies so I thought I would share this article in the Financial Post by David Pett, "Introducing your new portfolio pie" to provide some insight.  I really like the illustration that Mr. Pett gives us on our investment options.  You can ultimately diversify these strategies based on our individual goals, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.  I hope you find this article insightful.  

My heart lies with owning Real Estate (the 20% of the pie) and having others pay down the debt for me so that I may live off the cash flow going into my retirement.  Real Estate has been mine and my husband's passion for over 10 years now and while we've had our many ups, downs and frustrations in owning Real Estate... it has bar none treated us the best as a medium risk investment compared to the many investment entities that exist to date.  This is why we've become experts in the industry of owning Real Estate... so that we can better manage our asset risk.  

As your mortgage professional and through my years of experience, this is where my expertise in mortgage financing thrives!  My job isn't about just getting you a mortgage for your home, but also to enlighten you of all the strategies of home ownership and the possibility of expanding your opportunity to own other properties/assets/investments.  Whether it be a second home, a single-residential revenue property or an apartment building.  I not only seek to successfully qualify for an additional property but I pride myself in bringing you the insight you might need on if the investment opportunity makes sense for you financially... if you can afford it (long term holding strategy) or benefit from it (cash flow)!

OR perhaps you do not wish to be a landlord?  I certainly have access to programs where you can own rental property without the hands on hassle of being a landlord!

For more information on how to qualify, check out my Revenue Properties section or give me a call 403-667-2978 if the information you seek is not yet available.

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