More Clarity on the Latest Mortgage Rules Tightening

By Natasha on Jun 22, 2012


More clarity on the latest about mortgage rules tightening:  
I believe in what Don R. Campbell has to say and he does a fabulous job of explaining how this change will benefit our Country in the long run, Thanks Don!  
Click here to view the Video [It's a quick & to the point video - 5 min]
Here is also a great Resource from the Department of Finance Canada.  It's their FAQ's on the recent changes and how it will concern you if you have already obtained a High-ration mortgage with an Amortization over 30 years.
And, I'd just like to clarify that my comments yesterday were more about taking action to see how these changes apply to you.  Everyone's situation differs and I have some great strategies to share!
There are more changes to come...  Stay Tuned

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